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The Fast Start Bonus AND Second Phase Bonus
How can we speed up your earnings?
With the Clubshop TNT, you're building a long-lasting recurring income. The Fast Start Bonus instead, is what allows you to start earning rapidly since the very first days. 
 Do You Want To Learn More? Watch The Webinar About The Fast Start Bonus
How does it work? 
Fast Start Bonus 50%
 You are the original sponsor of all the affiliates you received from COOP or that you signed up personally.
 Each time one of your "originally sponsored" affiliates subscribes to GPS, you earn a 50% Fast Start Bonus on their FIRST monthly fee even if they are anywhere above or below your 6th level. 
 NEW SECOND PHASE BONUS!Each time one of your "originally sponsored" Partners upgrades their GPS to a higher one (*but not higher than yours) for the first time, you earn AGAIN the 50% Fast Start Bonus on their FIRST upgraded monthly fee, even if they are anywhere above or below your 6th level. 
 Nobody else earns commissions on this first monthly fee.
 The program is retroactive. It means that you are already the original sponsor for all the affiliates that you got so far. So, you will earn the 50% Fast Start Bonus each time one of them subscribe to a GPS.
 You can see all your "FMP" First Month Partners in a shiny gold color in all your reports.
* You earn the second phase bonuses only when the corresponding upgrades are not higher than yours. For example, if you have a GPS Basic Plus and your originally sponsored partner makes a second upgrade from GPS Basic Plus, to GPS Pro, you lose the bonus, but you can earn the regular TNT commission if this upgraded partner is in one of your six generations.
be proactive!
Affiliates are the lifeblood of your business! Please don't leave them alone! Follow them up properly, using the integrated communication tools included in your GPS Pro and superior: Activity Report, Follow Up Records, Internal Mailing System, Multi-lingual chat and last but not least, involve them in our Official Channel on Telegram.
 Let Your Business Explode. Don't leave your affiliates alone; follow them Up!
Let's see some practical examples:
A great Bonus to help you Earn much faster, while you build your long-lasting residual income.
Fast Start Bonus 50%
Available For all Partners
Let's say you are the original sponsor of 50 Affiliates. You got some of them from COOP and some through your landing pages.
Example 1
  • 10 of your First Month Partners activated a GPS Basic.
  • ​You earn: $9.90 x 10 x 50% = $49.50
NOTE: Free GPS from the Happiness Factory are valid too!
Example 2
  • 10 of your First Month Partners activated a GPS Premier Plus.
  • ​You earn: $249.90 x 10 x 50% = $1249.5
Example 3
  • 10 of your FMP activated a GPS. Their average GPS is $50
  • ​You earn: $50 x 10 x 50% = $250
Teamwork always wins!
Can you imagine how things would explode if other partners of your team could take advantage of these two bonuses, too?

So, don't hesitate to get in touch will all your upline AND downline partners now, to make sure they know about this bonuses and advice them to take advantage of it.
Play With The Earnings Calculator
This operation could bring thousands of new affiliates in your team. How many of them will decide to become partners during the weeks and month to come? Nobody can say precisely because the conversion rate could even dramatically increase along the way.

By the way, it's always a good exercise to play with the GPS earnings calculator to project your potential earnings, based on the indicators you see in your dashboard.
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